Christmas tree pics


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Pretty! I'm not even sure where we're going to put ours! :jameo: My treadmill is in the former tree corner, and I'd hate to move my treadmill out for over a month! We're going to have to move stuff.


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Very pretty!!
Our tree only has ornaments on the top half. Darling son (almost 2) was too curious about every single one and I stuck to keeping them out of his reach.


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Nice clock :smile:

Not to be confused with the two words you never wanna hear in the men's room :eyebrow:


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Mine is up but I'm too lazy to take a picture, upload it and all that. I'm sure I've posted a picture of mine in the past and it looks the same as it always does, green, tall, white lights, various decorations.

Ocean and Puggy, very pretty :yay:

My newest addition (pup) is afraid of the musical carousel under the tree so hopefully she'll leave it alone.


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OK, I hate to be critical here but WTF! Your poor husband has to watch football on that sub-50 inch, non-flat panel TV but you have that fancy schmancy clock!
:lol: It appears there are two fancy schmancy clocks :rolleyes: