Classified Ad Response

Is this a normal email to get in response to a classified ad posted on somd? Seems odd to me but didn't know if this is a standard auto response if someone clicks "email advertiser"....

I am interested in purchasing your item and i would love to know more about the item and i have some questions below

1. How long have you owned it

2. Why are you selling it

3. What is the final price of the item

4. When was it manufactured

5. Do you have any recent pictures of the item

6. What is the present condition of the item

7. Will you accept a Cashier Check or Personal Check as a mode of payment


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Having experience selling on Craigslist, if the email just says "item" instead of the name of the actual piece being sold, then it is just a copy-and-paste scam email. This was a common scam with CL. Never had it happen on SoMD Classifieds.