Climate Group Demands Media Silence 'Climate Deniers'


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"Some media outlets are sacrificing the future of our planet for the sake of appearing objective," Margaret Klein Salamon, founder and executive director of The Climate Mobilization, said in a news release Saturday.

"This idea of equating climate deniers with scientific experts is a dangerous practice which frames the threat to our planet, our existence as an ongoing debate," Klein Salamon added. "I don’t think sacrificing the future of our planet in exchange for a look of 'objectivity' is an even exchange. It’s one the coming generation will judge us on, if we don’t move with the urgency necessary to fight back against global warming and win."

In other words, climate alarmists aren't just calling for radical changes to America to stave off some hypothetical climate disaster — they're also calling for opposing voices to be silenced. "Science" can only have one voice, and that voice must be Chicken Little.


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THIS is a typical reason why I was surprised at Chris's post that Republicans are against freedom of speech - that, and the bizarre stretch that keeping private entities from silencing speech they don't like is also restricting freedom of speech.

But this is typical, and the argument goes back at least to Al Gore's book Earth in the Balance, where he says almost exactly the same thing - that just because someone has an opposing view on global warming, it doesn't mean they are equally valid any more than Flat Earthers should be given equal time to those who say it is round. And why is that? A typical liberal argument for stifling freedom of speech - because they're wrong.

See, to me, this is precisely WHY you have freedom of speech, even if someone finds a way to slant and manipulate a situation (more on that). The idea is that you let everyone say what they want, and reasonable people will figure out which is crap and which isn't.

"Errors of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it." - Thomas Jefferson 1st Inaugural address. As long as the playing field is level, let everyone talk.

The manipulating a situation? Yeah. Happens on TV all the time. You're hosting a panel or group - you find the most idiotic, ill-prepared, least informed person holding the view you oppose - and pit them against someone much better at it. Or you write a TV show where the most idiotic character on the cast is always espousing views you don't like, and have them use stupid arguments that are easily defeated. If you ever watch old Norman Lear sit-coms, they look silly nowadays to watch. Tucker Carlson does this often, about halfway through his show, he brings some nitwit on who has a crazy position supported by the left.

Obviously that's not a level playing field but how often do political shows want to give equal time to everyone, or not want to promote one idea over another? As an old girlfriend used to insist "of course I think I'm right - why would I believe something that's wrong?".


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The climate change fascists are simply keeping their eyes on the prize: A new world order and massive wealth re-distribution.