Club Bluto Review


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Since we have had a few posts asking about “what is the best bar…..” why don’t we start a post about the individual bars and describe what they are all about.

This Bar we are going to speak of is:
Club Bluto

Here are a few questions to get the ball rolling:

How often do you go?

How is the entertainment? DJ, Live Music?

What is the average crowd like?
What about their Age?

How are their drinks?

Why is this place better than the others?

Is there anything you don’t like about this club?

I know I have left off a few clubs/bars on the review list… but some of these places some people are listing, I’ve never heard of them.

Can you list the location where theses places of businesses are located?

I am going to follow up later on today with website (if they have one) and physical address.


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I found Club Bluto to be one of those "hang from the chandeliers, beer can pyramid" kind of places. Watch out for the broken glass on the floors, and don't slip in the spilled cocktails. Best bathroom grafitti ever!