CNN Fires Reporter 7 Years After He Tweeted Hitler "Did Good With Those Jews."


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The Washington Examiner reported that the tweet appeared at approximately 12:45 pm ET and that Raja appeared to have deleted the Tweet around 3:15 pm.

Late in the day on Sunday, Raja was terminated by CNN.

In a statement, CNN officials said Adeel Raja’s ‘reporting contributed to some newsgathering efforts from Islamabad. However, in light of these abhorrent statements, he will not be working with CNN again in any capacity.’
It must have caught CNN completely by surprise that one of its voices in the Muslim world would advocate for the return of Nazi genocide against the Jews.

If only CNN had had the opportunity at some point in the past to uncover his overt antisemitism.

Oh, wait.



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CNN and MSNBC in particular are filled with extreme fringe nutcases. CNN knew this guy's proclivities and the only reason they're firing him now is because someone dug through and highlighted these tweets. Someone who posts stuff like that on social media - right out in the open - isn't exactly trying to hide their opinions.

This will die down and he'll have his job back within a month, watch and see.