Cold Snap Coming


Just sneakin' around....
Friday night thru Sat morning, temps down around 15*.

-50* wind chill predicted for the upper northeast.


..if momma ain't happy...


Just sneakin' around....
I've got a very similar insert, but I can't remember if it's got vents over the windows. Does it heat good?
This is a pellet stove, and yes. 30,000 btus (I think...). I heat the entire lower floor with this alone, my primary heat source, 1 bag a day, 74* day, 65* at night. The vents have high volume fans so they push the heat out into the space.


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I received a text message earlier from SMECO saying there was a known power outage at my house. Says restoration is 4:30PM. I don't have a wood stove but I can hook up the generator to run a couple space heaters and the fridge to compensate but I have to BE THERE TO DO THAT and I am not. Looks like Prince Frederick has an outage too.