I'm interested in taking some courses on ColdFusion and was wondering what resources and options I have in the area.  I heard that some other colleges offer classes on base, but was not told the name of the university or how to get more information.  I have checked the college of southern maryland with no luck.  Even just a learning center or continuing education credit or no credit at all, just something I could enroll in to help me learn ColdFusion.  Money is not really a problem, so ANY input is much appreciated.  Thanks for your help!!


I too would like to learn CF, but I don't have the time to read a book.  I am sure it is easy to learn but my employer has the cash to burn for training.  With that out of the way, has anyone taken, or knows of, a good training facility for Cold Fusion?


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There is a local users group that may be of some use. I think they meet once a month over by the airport - I think in Holly #1 or #2. I think the folks at Spectrum Sciences host it, but I can't remember. Dee Jay? Anyone?



I went to WestLake for some training (early this year) and think they did an excellent job. / 800-357-2320

They are located in DC & Alexandria.  Hope its not too far, I am one of those nuts that likes to drive and consider DC within commuting distance  :cool: .  


Thanks aviatrix for the posting.  I do not have a problem with driving, and they are not "outside" of my driving range. Heck, a few months ago I drove to Maine for some training, so something in the tri-state area is local to me :)

Again, thanks for the info!


CTI is a Southern Maryland based IT consulting company that is starting up a series of training classes for web developers, especially geared towards Coldfusion. On Wednesday, Feb. 20th, CTI is beginning the series of training with a free introductory class in "Fusebox" using Coldfusion. We will try to guage the interest of attendees to this class to determine what courses will be offered, but we plan to include Coldfusion (Intro, Beginner and Advanced), Section 508 compliance, Javascript, and Flash. The first class will be at CTI (located in the Office Station building next to Sheetz) in California, MD on Feb. 20 at 5:00 pm. For more information, please contact Larry Day at or call (301) 862-2726.