Columbia professor says Grunt Style is grotesque, “Warcore” fashion


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Patterson seemed to take special exception to Grunt Style’s rejected Super Bowl ad, which showed the progression and eventual predicament of an Army veteran-turned police officer, as he faced down an angry mob of charging, flag-burning protesters.

“ The ad, with its contempt for political dissent, its lust for power, and its visceral blood thirst, goes down like an appeal for autocracy,” he wrote.

The ad was not the only thing Patterson seemed to have against Grunt Style, with the contributor going on a multi-paragraph tirade against its products- and civilians that have come to appreciate the return of “military chic,” which has come and gone over the past few decades.

“What is most interesting about Grunt Style, about its success selling aggro mufti to people who risk their minds and bodies in uniform, is that it has emerged in an era of civilians who are growing ever more extreme in their adoption of military clothing,” he wrote. The buzzword for the upcoming season is ‘warcore.’”



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If Howdy Doody were black he would look like this "professor" LMAO, but that is irrelevant as are this "professor's" comments.
With all of the liberal BS these Professor's put out, does anyone pay any attention whatsoever to them any longer.
Only the poor brainwashed kids having their money waste by being taught by these commie dorks.


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So what is it this beta-male thug is objecting to? The fact that people find a certain style of clothing comfortable? The fact that other thugs in the population have fallen victim to uniform-wearing popo? Just what is the problem?

Where is Midnight when you want him to post?

black dog

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Troy Patterson should swing by Beaufort next Fri night and spend a few hours with a bar room full of Grunts at Dockside and pay their tab when the lights get turned on, and then he can thank them for allowing him to have the privilege to say the things he says.