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What are your favorite comic strips? What longtime strips still hold up and which ones have jumped the shark? Which ones do you miss?

I still wish Far Side, Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbes were still going. But I respect the fact that their creators decided to retire while their comics were still funny, rather than hanging on for decades.

I found an old Family Circus book recently. Wow, this cartoon has really changed! True, there were plenty of aren't-they-cute jokes about the things that children say. But the kids actually got mad at one another, just like in real life!


Most definately, you've got to love Family Circus, Family Blues, and the classic Charlie Brown:D


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I was a huge Peanuts fan years ago, and I still have a soft spot for the cartoon. Charlie Brown was supposed to be the focus of the strip, but Snoopy began taking over in the late 1970s. Whenever I read Peanuts in the 1980s, it seemed to be about the Beagle Scout troop and Snoopy's long-lost littermates. I think it recaptured some of its original spirit once Rerun started school.


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Oldschool Garfield, no doubt! *L* I also love Far Side, Calvin & Hobbs, and have been getting a kick out of the "Boondocks" I believe it is... Very Funny... i never really like Comic Strips, but ya gotta love Peanuts!

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Dilbert rules!

For us workers in 'cubesville'....Dilbert is either the funniest or saddest comic around!! :cheers:


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Re: Dilbert rules!

Originally posted by jazz lady
For us workers in 'cubesville'....Dilbert is either the funniest or saddest comic around!! :cheers:
I 2nd that...:p


I like Dilbert, Frank and Ernets, Herman, and Wizard of Id. Dilbert I check almost every day at I used to follow Calvin and Hobbs too. I think I've read all the Calvin and Hobbs books that have come out.


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To those who loved Calvin & Hobbes and Bloom County, have you checked out "Get Fuzzy"?It's an excellent strip, sort of like what Garfield would be like if it were funny


I miss Garfield, The Far Side, but most of all...Calvin and Hobbes.
Really, ya gotta love a kid whose favorite breakfast is "Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs!"
If you're a parent, ya know where I'm comin' from....