St. Mary's Co. Congratulations to our Six New Deputies

With over 120 years of experience, their team of lawyers and experienced legal support professionals work to help you in a time of legal need.

Join us in congratulating the graduates of the Police Entrance Level Training Program Session 51 of the Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy, who graduated Friday evening after the seven-month-long session.

Congratulations to our new deputies:

* Deputy Helen Deitrich, who was selected to receive the Steve E. Allen A ward for leadership, initiative, motivation and compassion throughout the academy's session.

Sheriff Steve Hall and Deputy Deitrich​

Deputy Deitrich receives the Steve E. Allen Award​

* Deputy Santiago Estrada Lora, who earned the highest scores in Firearms among the class

Sheriff Hall and Deputy Estrada Lora​
Deputy Estrada Lora receives his Firearms scoring award​

* Deputy Julian Grant

Sheriff Hall and Deputy Grant​

* Deputy Elijsha Munn

Sheriff Hall and Deputy Munn​

* Deputy Aaron Ocasio-Rivera, who was chosen as the class speaker

Sheriff Hall and Deputy Ocasio-Rivera​

* Deputy Richard Stillwell

Sheriff Hall and Deputy Stillwell​

Final Inspection​

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