Conservatives Winning Bigly in the UK!


God bless the USA
Anyone else keeping up with the election in the UK? The liberals are getting their ass handed to them! It is a blowout in the conservatives favor and labour party has no idea why. A prediction of things to come here in the US?
Yes. Well done.

I think this outcome is the true indicator of how the press twists and shouts. Johnson was predicted to lose. Go, Johnson, and go Trump! :yahoo:
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Lol....the socialists and their media lapdogs are all whining and clutching their pearls...” how could we have been so wrong ?....the polls said we were close...”. A harbinger...I hope....


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I said in another thread that Boris Johnson was the British Donald Trump - glad to see that the polls and pundits were wrong (again).



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The best part of the whole thing.

Political commentators weren't sure what the implications were of this unprecedented development, but most agree the UK is now under American control, but it will kind of be one of those territories that aren't fully part of America like Puerto Rico or California.


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When a country gives up it's sovereignty it is no longer a country.

The EU was formed in 1993, so it took them about a generation to realize that, yeah, this thing isn't working. We have a tough time in the US with our member states, imagine if we all had a different language, different history, different culture, different economy....

The EU is a globalist cluster**** and it's fascinating to me when I hear people cheering it.


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From the WaPo (June 9, 2017):


So many ways this is, well, remarkable!

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