Cory Booker: It's 'fear mongering' to say armed police will show up and confiscate weapons


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"Well, look. I hate when Democrats use the language that Republicans try to use to scare people away as opposed to the sort of pragmatism and practicality of this," the New Jersey Democrat said on Friday. "We’ve seen around this world, countries that have said enough of these assault rifles. They dealt with the problem that got them off of their streets. These weapons should not be in this country."

When Berman asked how the idea would be put into motion, Booker said he would use the same method applied after machine guns were banned following the passage of the 1986 National Firearms Act.

"You have to set up a system. Yeah, that is mandatory. You have to set up a system to pull them off. But this idea, this imagery that the fear mongers and demagogues try to say of somehow armed police officers showing up and confiscating weapons, that’s the fear mongering," Booker said.


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Forced confiscation should generate fear. Fear that gun owners will repeat the events of 1776.
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Machine guns were not banned in 1986. They are still legal. The only thing that was banned was the new registration of machine guns. The ones that were registered at the time can be sold and transferred. Of course, the restrained supply has caused prices to go through the roof, but the basic fact remains, it is entirely legal to buy and own a machine gun.