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Phenylephrine, the active compound in over-the-counter drugs like Dayquil, Sudafed, and other popular brands isn’t effective, the FDA said, opening up the possibility that they will soon be pulled from shelves.
I've been saying that from day one. That crap don't work, time for a new placebo or homeopathic BS while I continue buying the behind the counter stuff.


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Journal Rejects Request to Retract Study Suggesting Negative COVID Vaccine Effectiveness

A scientific journal is rejecting a request to retract a study that found people who received a COVID-19 booster were more likely to become infected when compared to unvaccinated people.

Analyzing numbers from California's prison system, a research group found that those who received one of the bivalent boosters had a higher infection rate than people who have never received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Their study was published by the journal Cureus following peer review.

Each study has an author who fields questions and comments. They are known as the corresponding author.

Cureus confirmed that the study's corresponding author has asked the journal to retract the article.

"I can confirm that we were contacted by the corresponding author with a request to retract. However, we have determined that there is no basis for retraction and therefore it will remain published," Graham Parker-Finger, director of publishing and customer success for Cureus, told The Epoch Times via email.


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🔥 Dr. Peter McCullough is the most, if not one of the most important doctors in the long, difficult pandemic pushback effort. His extended chain of impeccable credentials — many now stripped away — and his clear, credible, precise, and persuasive speaking style make him an extremely effective advocate for early covid treatment and against the jabs.

Peter is a hero in the full modern sense of the word. He has freely sacrificed much for many, for millions of people he does not even know.

The doc gave a terrific speech last week, and it’s well worth a watch if you have 17 minutes or so. Otherwise, I’ve transcribed a bunch of it, so you can read instead of watching, or watch and skip the transcription, or watch and read. You get the idea.

image 4.png

Dr. McCullough's Speech at the European Parliament on Rumble (17:35).

On Wednesday, Dr. McCullough appeared as a on of nine panelists in a European Union Parliament breakout session on the W.H.O., the pandemic, and the vaccines. In his segment, Dr. McCullough named names, called out individuals like Jerome Powell and Peter Daszak, and encouraged the EU to completely withdraw from the W.H.O., persuasively arguing the international health agency is a sold-out co-conspirator in a harmful bio-pharmaceutical syndicate.

As usual, Dr. McCullough did not mince words. Here’s just a tiny sample of how he characterized the WHO:

“The WHO has played an adverse role from the very beginning, deceiving the world on the origins of SARS-CoV-2… they effectively created an environment of scientific nihilism.”

The longest section of his presentation was about the vaccines. But it was worth it, since Dr. McCullough summarized everything we know for sure — what we can prove — about the horrible jabs and their devastating injuries. First, McCullough described the single biggest problem with the mRNA shot — it’s made of a toxic protein that never goes away:

The vaccines have ravaged the population of the world… the genetic code for the potentially-lethal spike protein part of the virus. It was the worst idea ever to install the genetic code by injection, and allow unbridled production of a potentially lethal protein in the human body for an uncontrolled duration of time.

Everything we’ve learned about the vaccines since they came out is horrifying. There’s not a single study showing that the messenger RNA is broken down. Because it’s pseudo-uridinated. It’s made synthetically. It cannot be broken down. There’s not one study showing it leaves the body.

We now have papers by [Kestroyuda-sp?] who demonstrates the messenger RNA circulating for a month.

That’s as long as they’ve looked!

We have the spike protein — the lethal protein from the vaccines — found in the human body after vaccination, circulating at least for six months, if not longer, and if people take another injection in another six months, that’s another installation, and more circulating, potentially-lethal spike protein.

Next, McCullough organized officially-verified vaccine injuries into four groups, or “domains”: cardiovascular, neurologic, blood clots, and immunologic problems. His list is understandably incomplete. I completely understand why McCullough omitted other emerging domains such as turbo-cancers. The link between turbo cancer and the jabs is not yet sufficiently proven in the literature or recognized by regulatory agencies, and the credibility that has propelled McCullough to speaking at the EU lies in his careful, scientific precision.

Let’s dig in. Here’s Dr. McCullough’s description of the first group of jab injuries: heart attacks.

The spike protein is proven in 3,400 peer-reviewed manuscripts to cause four major domains of disease.

Number one is cardiovascular disease: heart inflammation, or myocarditis. Every regulatory agency agrees the vaccines cause myocarditis.

I’m a cardiologist. When there’s myocarditis, people cannot exert themselves in athletics. It will cause cardiac arrest. And yet, across Europe and across the U.S., sports leagues have been injecting young people who had no medical necessity, no clinical indication, and we have seen a montage of cardiac arrests in young individuals.

I’m telling you — as an expert cardiologist — these cardiac arrest are due to the covid-19 vaccine until proven otherwise. They are.

The cardiovascular domain of damage in the human body from the vaccine is substantial. More than anything we’ve ever seen with cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes.

Next, Dr. McCullough turned to brain damage:

The second domain is neurologic disease. Stroke, both acitic and hemorrhagic, Guillain-Barre syndrome, ascending paralysis, which can lead to death, and which has lead to death, with messenger RNA vaccines. Which is agreed to by all of our regulatory agencies. Small fiber neuropathy, numbness and tingling, ringing in the ears, headaches. These are all common.

Next, Dr. McCullough described group three: the nightmarish, tapeworm-sized types of blood clots that doctors have never squished into before:

Blood clots. Blood clots like we’ve never seen before. The spike protein is the most thrombogenic protein we’ve even seen in human medicine. It’s found IN the blood clots.

The spike protein causes blood clots. Blood clots bigger and more resistant to blood thinners than we’ve ever experienced in human medicine. I have patients with blood clots going on two years now and they are not dissolving with conventional blood thinners due to these vaccines.

We can’t get these [clots] out of the body. [Probably because] we can’t get the messenger RNA or the spike protein out of the body, as it is continually produced.

Finally, Dr. McCullough described the fourth domain of recognized injury: wrecked immune systems:

The fourth and last domain: Immunologic abnormalities. Vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia and multi-system inflammatory disorder are early-acute syndromes, well-described, published, they have their own acronyms, all agreed-to by the agencies.

Let’s pause for a minute to celebrate. Look how far we’ve come in a relatively short period of time. A year ago, there was only one domain of injury the regulatory agencies grudgingly recognized (myocarditis). Now there are four. Next, think about the fact that, at this point, McCullough was presenting at the EU. And nobody is presenting on how successful the shots have been (except possibly at financial conferences, but that’s not what I mean).

We are winning the mind war.

Back to McCullough. Having laid out all these potential types of injuries, and knowing most of his audience was probably jabbed, Dr. McCullough then addressed the elephant in the room: Who’s next?

So, all of you in the room and all of you listening online are asking, Is it me? Is it my family member? Is it my loved one? Who is going to be the next person to drop after the vaccine? We’ve seen cardiac arrests now two years after these shots. Two years.
I’m the senior author on the largest autopsy study ever assembled of death after covid-19 vaccination. Worldwide. We searched the literature, 600 papers, all the clinical findings, we reviewed them with contemporary knowledge, [using] experts in pathology and clinical medicine.
Our conclusion: 73.9% of the deaths after vaccination are due to the vaccine. When it’s suspected myocarditis, it’s 100% of the time that it’s due to the vaccine.

Before I get to the good news, the final bit that I transcribed for you was Dr. McCullough’s warning to the ministers not to believe the latest fake narrative that “long covid” is causing the excess deaths:

The first false narrative was the virus is unassailable, we have to stay in lockdown and be fearful. The second false narrative is take a vaccine, it’s safe and effective. We are now seeing a third false narrative. The third false narrative is: it’s not the vaccine causing these problems, it’s covid.

Don’t fall for the false narrative. The medical literature at this point in time is compelling. The Bradford-Hill criteria for causality have been fulfilled. The vaccines are causing this enormous wave of illness.

At the very end of his segment, right before calling for the covid vaccines to be pulled from the market, and after all that bad news, Dr. McCullough offered something hopeful. He said the studies are showing that somewhere between 4% and 7% of the jab batches account for almost all officially-recognized jab injuries. So, with regard to the recognized domains of injury, there’s a good chance that any particular person got a safe batch with no reported injuries at all (about a third) or even more likely, a batch with only very rare injuries (all the rest).

We are grateful to Dr. McCullough and all the selfless and heroic work he’s done over the last few years.



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🔬 Canadian public-interest research group Correlation published a new study yesterday titled, “COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere.

image 3.png

The researchers analyzed publicly-available all-cause mortality data from 17 countries in the Southern Hemisphere, statistically comparing those figures with data from the jab rollout campaigns. They found tremendous benefits for people who took the vaccines.

Haha, just kidding! No, their conclusion were stark. Not only did the jabs not save lives, but the shots consistently appeared to be killing people in large numbers. In the researchers’ own words:

In the 17 countries, there is no evidence in All-Cause Mortality (ACM) by time data of any beneficial effect of COVID-19 vaccines. There is no association in time between COVID-19 vaccination and any proportionate reduction in ACM. The opposite occurs.

Nine of the 17 countries have no detectable excess ACM in the period of approximately one year after a pandemic was declared on 11 March 2020 by the World Health Organization (WHO), until the vaccines are rolled out.

Unprecedented peaks in ACM occur in the summer (January-February) of 2022 in the Southern Hemisphere, and in equatorial-latitude countries, which are synchronous with or immediately preceded by rapid COVID-19-vaccine-booster-dose rollouts (3rd or 4th doses). This phenomenon is present in every case with sufficient mortality data (15 countries).

The authors concluded, logically, that governments should immediately end the policy of pushing shots on vulnerable elderly people, which is only considered elder abuse when non-government actors do it.

Link to the study: COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere



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Vaccine Efficacy Has Reached Zero, According To CDC Data

Initially former director Rochelle Walensky claimed that the vaccines were 100% effective against infection, transmission and severe illness, despite there being virtually no evidence to support her statements.

Even after a study of an outbreak in Massachusetts showed that vaccinated people were easily contracting and spreading the virus, they stayed silent while jurisdictions and politicians, including President Joe Biden, enacted vaccine mandates or passports. All based on the lie that there was a significant reduction in transmission from vaccination.

Finally, Walensky did acknowledge publicly that the vaccines couldn’t stop transmission. However it was already far too late to matter.

But all along the agency has strongly stated that the mRNA shots were effective at preventing hospitalizations. Or at least that the latest booster was effective, tacitly acknowledging that the original two dose series has lost whatever impact it once had.

But a new presentation of data, directly from the CDC itself, shows that their relentless effort to promote endless COVID vaccines has been entirely unjustified. Mostly because they don’t actually perform as well as expected.

Vaccine Efficacy Among Adults Is Nearly Nonexistent

The key tenant of CDC and media messaging over the past few years is that the unvaccinated pose a severe threat to hospitals and that universal vaccination would prevent virtually every single COVID-related hospitalization.

But their own data, provided just last week, show how disconnected from reality that messaging actually is.

The CDC presentation covered any number of “absolute vaccine efficacy” calculations, including one slide that grouped immunocompetent adults aged 18-64 and those over the age of 65, with adjustments for age, sex, race/ethnicity, admission date and HHS region. And the results are shockingly bad.

These numbers are, again, according to the literal CDC. For 18-64 year olds who’ve received the original two dose series only, they estimated a vaccine efficacy percentage of 20%, with a potential range of 4-34%. For the bivalent boosters, the same doses that were widely hyped last winter by Anthony Fauci, Ashish Jha and others as the only way to protect yourself from currently circulating variants - The Most Important Thing anyone could do last winter - vaccine efficacy was 17% after 90 days.

For those at highest risk of severe illness, those over 65, the original two dose vaccination series had an estimated….1% efficacy rate.

You read that right. 1%. With a confidence interval (CI) of -20% to 19%.

The bivalent boosters after 90 days had 10% vaccine efficacy, with a range of -24% to 35%.

For immunocompetent adults from 18-65+, confidence intervals show virtually no vaccine efficacy whatsoever from the monovalent vaccine or bivalent booster after 90 days.

The numbers aren’t much better for immunocompromised adults. The original two dose series has an estimate of 13% efficacy, with a CI of -14 to 33.

Another undiscussed aspect of vaccine efficacy is the impact of new variants. As the coronavirus changes over time, new variants emerge; from Delta, to Omicron, to BA. 4/5 to XBB 1.5 and beyond. And boy oh boy, do these vaccines struggle against XBB.

Again, according to the CDC’s own estimates, vaccine efficacy against XBB 1.5 is not only nonexistent, it’s negative.

The two dose monovalent series has an adjusted efficacy estimate of -10%. Negative 10% vaccine efficacy. Healthy adults over 18 who had received the original doses were actually more likely to be hospitalized after contracting the XBB 1.5 COVID variant than unvaccinated adults.

The results were similarly poor for the bivalent booster dose. After 90 days, immunocompetent adults with a bivalent booster saw an estimated -7% efficacy against hospitalization.

Although, as with some of the other estimates, small sample sizes made more precise estimates difficult to ascertain.

Even recent bivalent booster doses weren’t much use. While suffering from small sample size, recent boosting against XBB 1.5 still only resulted in a 33% efficacy estimate. Far below the original 50% target set by the FDA for emergency use authorization.



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💉 Yesterday, Politico wrung its hands into splinters in an angst-laden article headlined, “The anti-vaccine movement is on the rise. The White House is at a loss over what to do about it.” The sub-headlined promised, “This is the first story of a five-part series diving into the rise of the anti-vaccine political movement.”

image 2.png

Early this morning, right on schedule, Politico published its second installment, this one alarmingly headlined, “‘We’re going to lose lives’: Health experts decry rise of vaccine skepticism.

Hey, look on the bright side. Maybe we’ll lose expert lives.

Haha, just kidding. The article’s emotional sub-headline fretted, “Some worry that only a national tragedy will turn the current trend around.” They’re fretting about you. And — according to Politico — you have gone mainstream, baby:

The mainstreaming of a once-fringe movement has horrified federal health officials, who blame it for seeding dangerous conspiracy theories and bolstering a Covid-era backlash to the nation’s broader public health practices.​

The article begins by insinuating that gullible fools like yourselves were deluded, but not by monstrous government overreach and an especially nasty form of mass hallucination that its psy-experts intentionally discharged under cover of so-called “public health programming.” No, Politico says you’ve been deluded by Robert Kennedy, Jr., and by dark GOP forces who slipped off the leash when the judge in Missouri v. Biden shut down the federal government’s censorship machine.

But Politico’s bad news, delivered using as somber and ominous of a tone as that silly rag can muster, is our good news. What Politico sees as ‘horrifying’ trends, we count as accomplishments. In Politico’s words (lightly edited for clarity):

For decades, being openly skeptical of vaccines made one a pariah in all but the smallest of political circles. To cast doubt on them placed you on the fringe. But public health officials fear those days are increasingly numbered.​

As another Covid vaccination campaign gets underway, fewer Americans than ever have kept up to date on their shots. Just 20 percent of adults got last year’s (booster) shot, according to CDC data, down sharply from the 79 percent who received their initial series of vaccinations in 2021. Child vaccination rates against the flu are measurably lower than before the pandemic… vaccination rates for kindergarteners dropped for the second consecutive year.​

The anti-vaccine movement has historically found a home among both libertarians and the far-left. (But) recent polling shows Republicans are now more than twice as likely to believe the shots should be optional than they did in 2019. Democrats… overwhelmingly favor childhood vaccine requirements.​

The paranoid hypochondriacs, I mean public health experts, are pulling what’s left of their hair out. First covid, now this. Politico quoted lockdown-worshipping maskaholic Dr. Lawrence Gostin, a Georgetown University public health professor who advises the White House, who tearfully but angrily warned, “Diseases that we once thought had ended will roar back and kids will get sick and die from 100 percent preventable conditions.”

You’ll be sorry if you don’t listen to us.

image 3.png

Permanently-disheveled bowtie advocate and pharma shill “doctor” Peter Hotez, somehow still employed as a virologist at Baylor’s College of Medicine, took a short break from counting his covid money and sighed that questioning vaccines has “now become a politically motivated movement.” In his multiple books about the so-called anti-vaccine movement, Hotez argued that vaccine skepticism has become part of conservatives’ political worldview. But for some reason, despite that Hotez says he’s tried to cure conservatives of their delusions, nobody will listen to him: “I can’t get any engagement out of anybody.”

Dr. Umair Shah, Washington state’s secretary of health, was yet more blunt and apocalyptical. She sees vaccine hesitancy leading to the End of Days. “This is the beginning of a really rough and tough time,” Shah told Politico. “People are going to get sick. We’re going to lose lives.”

The long-form article made one main point: the White House needs to do something. But Politico glided right over two gigantic flaws in its argument: first, why is it the White House’s job to sell pharma’s products? And two, Politico’s articles never discussed the two categories of lived experiences actually fueling people’s so-called skepticism: covid shot side effects and jab mandates. If it’s not that, then Politico should explain how conservatives became vaccine skeptical, when it was a massively-popular Republican President who was originally responsible for the shots?

In more good news, sort of, Politico admitted that at least some public health experts realize that a lot of people hate them now. Dr. Dean Sidelinger, Oregon’s state health officer, told Politico, “I may be a trusted messenger for, hopefully, a large segment of the population, but I am not the trusted messenger for everyone.”

No doubt.

Here’s some news you can use. Since nobody is listening to the public health “officials” anymore, whoever is paying these so-called scientists (we could guess) has shifted tactics and is now sneakily going after pastors and social media influencers:

In lieu of being out front on the issue, public health officials have been turning to the community leaders who helped them spread the word about the Covid-19 vaccine. That includes leaning on respected conservative officials and pastors to be their ambassadors. They’re looking to expand peer-based education, such as training parents and teachers to spread the word on public health.

Re-building trust using sneaky, manipulative tactics seems oxymoronic, but what do I know? I’m just a lawyer.

The two articles, yesterday’s and today’s, were so similar that it was like Politico ran the same story twice. They’re going to do it three more times. Is it wrong of me to speculate about who’s paying Politico to write all these anti-anti-vaccine articles and give all these well-known pharma henchmen even more airtime?

I’m sure it has nothing to do with this article Politico published on Saturday:

image 9.png

Follow the science and you will find the money, or vice-versa.



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A vaccine that never stopped someone from getting COVID.

Never stopped someone from spreading COVID.

Was constantly told boosters were nessesary.

The boosters did no better.

The only thing the shots did was enrich Pharma and Corrupt Government ####bags.


..if momma ain't happy...
Just left Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annap. All their employees are under a 10 day masks required mandate, and they are strongly recommending for everyone.

I didn't put one on, and EVERY nurse pulled her mask down to speak to us.


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Were those certain & limited cases you were close to dying .? So they let you die instead.
Being hospitalized is too late, should be given at first diagnosed for greatest benefit. They still want you to die.


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🔥 Friendly fire alert! A fascinating article appeared in the Harvard Gazette yesterday, headlined “How federal missteps opened door to COVID misinformation.

The author, an “investigative journalist” who actually thinks that the federal government understated the seriousness of the pandemic and undersold the protective effect of face masks, explained that the big government health agencies were lying, which has created a crisis in confidence and opened the door for critics:

“It was an experience for me, unusual in science journalism, where you have to be the watchdog for these public health agencies … We sort of more or less believed what the CDC and WHO said, and all of a sudden, we were in a situation where we had to really question everything we were hearing.”

As a result, if you follow her logic, because the federal agencies badly downplayed how serious the pandemic was, confusing everybody, you wily anti-vaxxers were able to use that confusion to your advantage. And, she ruefully admitted, you are winning:

Mandavilli said the anti-vax campaigners “were loud. And they were clear. And they had all the answers.”

Her proposed solutions were, predictably, calls for more “transparency” and more censorship.

It’s an awful article that doesn’t even try to mention the real problems with the agencies’ mendacious pandemic messaging. But the article signaled that even rabid, dictatorial leftists are now being forced to grapple with the fact nobody believes the governments’ pharma-occupied health apparatus anymore.



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The Definition Of Insanity Exhibit A: Mask Mandates Are Back In California, And More May Be Coming

For those who live in sane parts of the country or the rest of the world, it might be hard to believe that there are still debates over continuing mask mandates and forcing masking.

But California’s wardens do not adhere to the rules of a sane society.

And as a result mask mandates are making their triumphant return in parts of the state, at least in specific settings. It’s an indefensible betrayal of the scientific method, a victory for “experts” who deliberately mislead and misinformed the public since 2020, and a reminder that despite the overwhelming evidence that masks don’t work, there is a committed group of ideological extremists who are more than willing to enforce their authoritarian demands onto a disturbingly complying public.

Just a few days ago the health officer of Sonoma County in Northern California issued an order forcing health care workers to wear masks in areas where they’ll be treating patients. Kaiser hospitals in the state also reinstated mask mandates several weeks ago, adding to the absurdity.

The worst aspect of this order, and that’s a high bar to clear, is that there’s literally no substantial increase of COVID transmission or concerning surge of hospitalizations or deaths to justify this decision. And they don’t even attempt to claim that there’s a surge worth worrying about.

Dr. Karen (you can’t make this up) Smith is going to force healthcare workers in Sonoma to mask from November all the way through until April. Not because of any actual data, but because she presumes wrongly that masks will have any effect.

"The widespread availability of COVID-19 testing and treatment, the high level of community vaccination in the County, and the lower death rate seen in the most recent surges of COVID-19, Have diminished the necessity for year-round mandatory orders related to masking in multiple high-risk settings. However, the risk to vulnerable patients of COVID-19, influenza, and other respiratory viruses in Health Care Settings, including skilled nursing facilities, remains significant," the order reads.

In justifying her flagrant overreach, Smith issued a statement earlier in the week with a nonsensical, science-defying word salad about the risks of COVID several months into 2024.

"Patients and residents in our health care and congregate facilities, especially young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with chronic health conditions, are at greater risk for respiratory virus-related hospitalizations and death. Workers in direct care, health care, and congregate facilities are at risk for respiratory illness and can transmit the viruses to their clients, patients, and coworkers."

This statement betrays a horrifying lack of awareness, delusional misinterpretation, and reveals how COVID extremists intend to continue their ineffective policies forever instead of admitting their much documented mistakes.
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🔬 Speaking of rewriting history, a new study published Wednesday in the Journal Nature, titled “Duration of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine persistence and factors associated with cardiac involvement in recently vaccinated patients.

image 6.png

The researchers autopsied 25 dead folks. Twenty of them died within 30 days of getting the safe and effective covid jabs. Five were a control group of deceased unvaccinated people. Here’s the study’s conclusion, which put the lie to the government’s long-standing claims that mRNA never ever leaves the injection site, disappears within a few short days, and never ever ever enters the heart:

“These results suggest that SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines routinely persist up to 30 days from vaccination and can be detected in the heart… Vaccine was detected in the myocardium in a subset of patients vaccinated within 30 days of death… In conclusion, this study provides a map of the biodistribution and persistence of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines in human tissues.”​

The government lied. It lied like a flea-ridden dog, or a cheap rug, or a dead muskrat. The researchers found mRNA in damaged heart tissue in three out of the twenty vaccinated patients. That’s 1.5 out of ten (15%). Sadly, this information might have been helpful last year to some people who were deciding whether to go ahead and get the jabs to take a 3-day Caribbean cruise.

The obligatory glorification of the vaccines, which is still required for any study like this to get published, continues to be watered down. Here’s the how these particular researchers worded the compulsory language:

The BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 vaccines have been found to be both relatively safe and effective at preventing severe infection. Serious adverse complications due to these vaccines are uncommon and may include anaphylactic reactions, myocarditis, pericarditis, myocardial infarction, cerebral sinus thrombosis, stroke, pulmonary embolism, neuropathies, and autoimmune hepatitis.​

Hahahaha! Let us count the ways the stuffing was streaming out of the jab endorsement. First, they didn’t say “safe and effective.” They said, relatively safe and effective. But relative to what? Getting crushed by a meteorite?

Next, did you notice they didn’t regurgitate the line that serious adverse reactions are rare? Instead, they said serious adverse reactions are uncommon. Those are terms of art. Uncommon is a LOT different from rare. It’s a huge difference. ‘Rare’ adverse reactions occur in fewer than 1 in 1,000 people. ‘Uncommon’ adverse reactions occur in more than 1 in 1,000 people, but less than 1 in 100.

So now it’s uncommon, headed straight toward common at 60 mph, the last stop on pharma’s criminal railroad.

Finally, the researchers named a non-exclusive list of serious adverse events with NINE different categories of injuries. This was particularly remarkable considering that the CDC and the FDA currently only recognize THREE of those nine types (anaphylactic reactions, myocarditis, and pericarditis).

And yet it still got published. We’re making serious progress. Here’s a link to the study.