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Does anyone remember who the forumite was that had that crazy lady living next to him in Saint Mary's? I looked for the thread but I can't find it. I think it was black labman or someone with a dog in the user name. The lady is batsh!t crazy and he had video on youtube of her arguing about a property line.


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Was that the lady in San Souci?

It might have been, she used to come into the soup kitchen when I volunteered there and because she had money the homeless would flock to her. She'd just come to visit them...I wish I could find the thread but some of the older ones are MIA.


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Which soup kitchen ? Is she the one that stole a shed by dragging it onto her property through a neighbors fence ?


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There's a show I recently discovered on the ID channel called Fear Thy Neighbor. Talk about crazy neighbors!


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Speaking of crazy neighbors...

We once had a couple old watermen living here on the island that were neighbors and drinking buddy's....buddy's up until until both were good and drunk, that is. Then they'd get to fightin'. They'd both find their way home from Swanns' and proceed to holler and cuss at each other across the property between their houses. On a couple occasions, they even exchanged gunfire!. Just sorta aimed in the general direction of each other's houses apparently.

The good ole days..