Critical Race Theory Actions and Reactions


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LOL aren’t you cute - using terms you don’t quite understand.

But anyway, abolishing government education would be my preference, replacing it would be a completely private educational system, since the market would be the best and most efficient mechanism to make better outcomes.

Until then, I understand the best way to insulate oneself from government influence is to do for oneself better than the government can do. Yes, I still pay taxes, ostensibly to fund schools. I do my best to minimize all theft of my income using all legal ways I can. You want to stay in a bad system that won’t get better because it’s not designed to ever get better? Be my guest.

I get by and I bet many families can too.
How come you always come off sounding so so disciplined & conservative and knowledgeable about...well, EVERYTHING...and if we would ALL just follow your daily regimen in life, we too can be as successful as you?

Right after sounding like a complete Marxist Douchebag idiot that frantically looks up the right talking points after being called out for the Marxist Bolshevik douchebag that we all know you REALLY are?


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It seems that if you teach the basic principles of CRT and call it anything but CRT they think they can fly under the radar. The basics of CRT are fairly easy, white people are the devil in all his glory and every advancement made in this country was on the backs of the colored and indigenous peoples. You can see the effects on the students in quick fashion, an underdeveloped mind being told by an authority figure that they are problem will start to process this and start on an inferiority complex.