Cruise Missles Launched Against Syria


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Time never told about the details of the IWR era and that sort of war promotion via the media. And it never told in terms of the domestic anthrax deal. Time never told in how the obvious happened; the 18 months we spent building up to invade Iraq and where Saddam shipped all his stuff to, whatever he had left to hide. It never told in A'stan as to why we, basically, let bin Laden go at Tora Bora and what on earth the real point of our war on the Taliban was or is. We have no accounting over Hillary's Libya war nor any accounting, so far, over how our war on ISIS has amounted to a war in support of Assad and Russia and Iran as much as anything else.

It would be nice if time told but it only tells some and usually only the accepted narrative. :buddies:

I would say that it did tell about where Saddam shipped the chemical weapons. I'd also say it told of the domestic anthrax (there was nothing but scare tactics going on).