D.C. Sniper's Ex-Wife releases second book


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I'm Still Standing: D.C. Sniper's Ex-Wife And Her Courageous Struggle For Community

OXON HILL, Md., April 7, 2017- While married to the D.C. sniper, John Allen Muhammad, Mildred Muhammad was intimidated into silence about the domestic abuse she suffered. Her 2009 memoir, Scared Silent, was widely acclaimed, and she now returns with the follow-up. I'm Still Standing: Crawling Out of The Darkness Into The Light covers the compelling events during and after the conviction and execution of her former husband. Through the eyes of their embattled mother, we learn what was going through the minds of the three young children as they learned their father was going to be executed for his crimes in the October 2002 sniper killings that took place in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

During the trial, negative media attention and threats from people in her community created a toxic atmosphere of victim-blaming, even after it came out that Mildred was his intended target. Law enforcement stated the theory was, he was killing innocent people just to cover up Mildred's murder so he could come in as the grieving father to gain custody of their children. It was a domestic violence/child custody issue.

I'm Still Standing is a gritty, raw, and emotional account beginning with Mildred's choice to turn to isolation as a way of protecting herself and her children. As she triumphs over the external and internal systems putting her in a place of fear and isolation, Mildred Muhammad's story glows with resilience, strength and faith in God. Now she can say with confidence, "I'm still standing!"

Author, speaker, advocate and survivor, Mildred Muhammad has risen to become a voice for other victims and survivors, especially for the 80% who do not have physical scars to prove they are victims. She has received many awards such as a Special Commendation presented by the Office on Violence Against Women, the Maya Angelou Still I Rise Award, the Shirley Chisholm Woman of Courage Award and the Redbook Strength & Spirit Heroes Award, as well as multiple awards from the military community.

The D.C. sniper, John A. Muhammad, went on a three-week rampage with the intention of eventually finding Mildred and killing her. The very personal details of her experiences, involving fear, abuse and many times, victim-blaming, has allowed Mildred's mission to be even more influential and of greater purpose. She shares her expertise on what it's like to be a victim and a survivor of domestic violence "without physical scars" at various conferences, seminars, and workshops. Her audiences include victims and survivors of domestic violence, advocates, law enforcement professionals, therapists, counselors, mental and medical health providers, university and college students as well as military personnel in training regarding domestic violence and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Her critically acclaimed memoir, Scared Silent: When the One You Love Becomes the One You Fear, was published by Simon & Schuster in 2009. Muhammad has self-published two working journals, A Survivor's Journal and Dare to Heal, as well as Planning My Escape (a comprehensive step-by-step safety plan) specifically for victims and survivors to help with the emotions that others may not understand and tips for strategically leaving an abusive relationship.

For more information, please visit the website: http://www.MildredMuhammad.com

I'm Still Standing: Crawling Out of The Darkness Into The Light

Available online everywhere and at the author's website: http://www.mildredmuhammad.com/publications.html

ISBN: 978-1534692084