Daily assurance that she is truly nuts and getting worse


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I'd like to think she's the most reckless member of Congress, but then I remember Schiff and Swalwell and Omar and Pressley and and and and.....

These people are hatemongers, plain and simple. Which speaks volumes about the idiots who elected them to represent their congressional district.


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They don't have any means to vent their anger without Trump to direct them.

Which means we are likely to hear an ENORMOUS pile of shite for the next couple years.

SO many on the left have been puling, celebrating, commenting on the "divisiveness" of the last four years.
NO. They've been brutal on everyone who doesn't agree with them. Trump didn't divide - he revealed. They have ALWAYS had contempt for conservatives. They have ALWAYS thought y'all are a bunch of knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing racist morons. ALWAYS. All Trump did was be a lightning rod for the hate they've always had - and unlike Bush - or McCain - or Romney - he didn't just roll over and take it in the name of being "statesmanlike".

He was "divisive" because he hit back.

Well he's not there to poke at - and they will reveal more of themselves.


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The above mentioned is proof there should be qualifiers for one to vote. :( Make it simple, those with an IQ and literacy below Gump would set the bar.
Yes, it would adversely affect the stupid and the trash in Balt City but for the betterment of the country.............