Dayton farm furnace repair


They call me ... Sarcasmo
Looking for a shop that can repair a Dayton kerosene farm furnace. It's pumping fuel, cycles fine but no fire, ergo no heat which is no bueno.

Ken King

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Give Ridgell Oil a call (301) 373-2070 they do oil burners so kerosene should be in their wheelhouse.


They call me ... Sarcasmo
Fuel, air, ignition. You have 2 of the 3. Is it a torpedo style? Got a model #?
No model number off hand, I have it at another location and yes it is a torpedo style. It was given to our club and it would be nice to have it available when we do our turkey shoots.

I'll give Ridgell a call in the am, obviously I didn't think of them. :yay: