de Blasio CNN on a regular basis provides both sides of the story


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"I feel very angry when I see a media outlet, a corporate giant, a profit-making giant dividing people and creating hatred and negativity and changing our political landscape for the worse," de Blasio told CNN's Brian Stelter.

When pushed by Stelter to explain why he felt the need to criticize News Corp, de Blasio responded by praising CNN and criticizing News Corp for essentially not being like CNN.

"But I think it's fair to say also that when you look at CNN, for example, you look at the major networks, they do not harbor a daily hourly political agenda and bias," de Blasio replied. "They provide both sides. It's part of their DNA. They may have values and views. When it comes to News Corp, they have a political mission and we have to be able to talk about it."

When asked if his criticisms of News Corp were like Trump's criticisms of CNN, de Blasio responded by saying they were completely different.

"CNN on a regular basis provides both sides of the story," de Blasio said. "CNN, you can find politics in CNN, but it does not even come close to resembling the clear political agenda of News Corp."



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The frightening thing isn't that he says crap like this but the fact that he believes it. It fits my beliefs therefore it must be true and the others are wrong. The libs cannot see any other side but their own nor even try to. Their brains automatically reject anything not aligned with their ideology. Their minds cannot comprehend any contrary ideas regardless of facts and proof. In keeping with my fairness doctrine, there are some on the ultra-right that suffer the same malady.