Dear Charlotte,


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Most of the early education teachers are women, most of HR departments are women. If women aren't being encouraged to learn math/science who's fault is it? If they aren't being hired, who's fault is it?


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Ask most women and they will tell you that they are paid the same as their direct contemporaries. Like everything else the Democrats spew, this wage gap mantra is bullshit.

I'm sure those women work for those "woke" companies you otherwise claim to despise, right, Pookie?


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The 90 days thing is based on stats that have no meaning whatsoever - it's what you get when you compile all of the wages earned by women and all of the wages earned by men, average them and compare. It makes no allowance for hours worked or the kind of profession and so forth.

When it is the SAME profession, the same hours, the same work being done, the gap disappears. And presumably, the mantra is that women don't get paid the same for DOING THE SAME WORK, yet the statistical stunts used aren't based on any such comparison.

Overall, yes it's true that the women in the nation make less money than men when aggregated together - but it's not rooted in unfairness. Female nurses make the same as male nurses, and female surgeons make the same as male surgeons.

Again, this has been examined to death for easily the last thirty years. The wage gap is a myth.


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I am self employed you drain on the economy.
Not for long. You'll need another scam.