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Biden cannot debate. His mind is too far gone.
Pelosi knows it and any American with a television knows it.
Nancy herself is demented also, she can't even remember the name of the man at the White House she is supposed to speak to..

By the way she is screaming for more money. Where the hell does she think that money is going to come from? They scream for more money because the country cannot open ---it will open if the Dems win the election and they will try to squeeze every dollar out of this country in taxes for those that have a job left.


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A FB debate resulted in this comment......

"He doesnt have dementia, I have that from a good sourse. HE has a stutter he's struggled with his whole life".

The lady who posted that did it without ay indication she was joking. She really thinks that a stutter makes you say "I"m going to defeat Joe Biden"


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Why do democrats always seek to bring people down to their level as opposed to trying to elevate themselves and others?
Monello and I had that conversation last night. Wouldn't it just be easier for Democrats to do the right thing instead of get entangled with these schemes and align themselves with violent mobs of thugs, then have to make themselves look ridiculous by trying to lie their way out of it??

Maybe they're just too far gone, stuck in the tar baby with no way to get out.