Delete Period Tracking Apps


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On Thursday, Twitter promoted McLaughlin's tweet, along with Taylor Andrews' piece from PopSugar, "Should We Delete Our Period-Tracker Apps? Experts Explain."

Andrews' very first sentence is all for promoting the hysteria. "Ever since the Supreme Court's draft opinion on Roe v. Wade leaked, the media world has exploded — and rightfully so," it reads.

Andrews notes that they "decided to fact-check whether you should be wary about having a period-tracker app on your phone. Here's what experts have to say," the short answer being "Potentially," with whether one lives in a state where there will abortion bans or not being that factor.

The "experts" in question refer to "Marco Bellin, a data security expert and the founder and CEO of Datacappy VPN," and "David Reischer, Esq., attorney and CEO of"


Pop Sugar is hardly the only outlet to indulge. Other examples include: