Democrat Congressman Demands Coronavirus Checks Be Sent To Illegal Immigrants


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Appearing on Univision last week, Espaillat said that illegal immigrants deserve stimulus checks from the government as well. In the segment, a Univision narrator said, “Republicans have refused to include people without social security numbers in the relief measures.” A clip of Espaillat is then shown, where he said, “Millions of undocumented [immigrants] who work hard, and they’re outside on the streets now exposing themselves to getting sick, should also receive this kind of protection.”

This was a step further than what Espaillat previously supported. His office issued a press release on March 23 urging the federal government provide relief checks to people who file tax returns with individual taxpayer identification numbers instead of just those who file with social security numbers. This would mean those who qualify would have some documentation with the federal government.

“We must put meaningful resources into the pockets of those hardest hit by the coronavirus. However, the current economic stimulus proposal is limited to one-time cash payments that exclude immigrant taxpayers who do not have a social security number, which will have an immediate impact on their citizen children and spouses,” Espaillat said in the release.