Democrats Are Spending A Fortune On Beto O’Rourke To Lose In Texas


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It makes sense for Democrats to spend money in districts like Ohio’s 12th: districts in battleground states with heavy suburban populations. It doesn’t make too much sense in Texas Senate races, though that’s the pie-in-the-sky dream territory for Democrats, who also spent $36 million on State Senator Wendy Davis’ ill-fated gubernatorial run in 2014 (she lost 59% to 39%).

America continues to polarize, despite President Trump’s victories in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio — Republicans still dominate in states like Texas and Georgia. But Democrats will keep dumping money there in the hopes that perhaps, one day, they’ll break through.

Go for it, guys.

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The commercials on tv for both sides are ####ing endless in Indiana right now. They started weeks ago.