Democrats Love Socialism Because They Want To Take Your Stuff And Enslave You


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Ocasio-Cortez is an idiot, like all adolescent socialists, so she qualified to be the Great Pinko Hope for a party in decline. Here’s how bad she is – she apparently went to college, got a degree in economics, and still ended up a socialist. If she went to med school, she would have probably left a chain smoker.

As for life experience, she was a bartender. Now, being a bartender is an important occupation that provides demonstrable social benefits, and everyone should have at least one crappy job on their resume because it builds character, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you’ve ever done if you want to be in Congress. Note that, like all socialists, she does not dig socialism when applied to her.


Out came the memes of snow plows and roads and bridges and all those other emblems of socialism that we have right here right now – mind blown, huh? See, socialism is just…what? Basic infrastructure items we have here now? What every freaking society has, including Singapore and Switzerland, whose commitment to Adam Smith makes ours seem like a drunken Thursday night hook-up?

Most Marxists know that’s nonsense, but a good bunch of the adherents of this poisonous philosophy actually believe it. Pampered spawn of history’s most prosperous and freest society, these goofs are really excited about something they can barely articulate, so they sputter and spit out words like “justice” and “equality” and then get on their iPhones to call their disappointed dads because they are short on cash and want to see Mumford & Sons.

It’s amusing that so many of us Normals understand socialism better than the socialists do not only in terms of what Marx said, and what history says, but in terms of firsthand knowledge. A lot of us Normals have seen socialism up close and personal. Guys like me actually went and lived in its ruins. If you spent significant time, as I have, in the former Yugoslavia, or Ukraine, or even helping to guard the West German border from those friendly fraternal socialist dudes to the east, you’ll be stripped of any illusions about that garbage ideology.

Democrats Love Socialism Because They Want To Take Your Stuff And Enslave You