Democrats Rejecting Donations From Ilhan Omar


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The Washington Free Beacon reported on Wednesday that the reelection campaign for Rep. Lucy McBath (D-GA) left a $2,000 contribution from Omar off its quarterly fundraising report, and, when pressed by the Free Beacon, admitted that they left the money off the report because they decided to reject it.

"McBath’s rejection of the donation is more important than it may sound," the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. "The Sixth District has a significant Jewish population – particularly in Sandy Springs and east Cobb County."

WSCO TV reporter Joe Bruno reported on Wednesday that Dan McCready (D-NC) also returned a $2,000 donation from Omar.

"Dan McCready has refunded a $2000 donation from Rep. Ilhan Omar," Bruno reported. "A spokesperson for McCready tells me Dan believes there is no place for divisiveness in politics and he didn't feel it was appropriate to accept the donation."


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I'm glad to see this. The Dems aren't doing themselves any favors by making excuses for this terrorist broad. At some point they have to pull from the middle - the extreme Left won't get them elected.


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So the GA rep who really lives in TN rejects cash from the MN rep whose heart still lives in SOM.

Confusing times.

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So the GA rep who really lives in TN rejects cash from the MN rep whose heart still lives in SOM, in order to pander to a large Jewish Democratic constituency.

Confusing times.

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I truly believe that the way to make politics honest is to have each person who is elected turn in all left over campaign funds to the IRS after the election.

This would stop giving incumbents a monetary advantage over their opposition and it would stop those who are elected from buying the votes of their fellows.