Dems hate Trump more than they love US


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Tucker Carlson: The left doesn't think MS-13 is a problem because Trump thinks they're 'animals'

Keep in mind, MS-13's motto is "kill, rape, control." They routinely torture and murder high school students. They bring drugs across the border and into our neighborhoods. They're the deadliest criminal gang in America. And yet, once Trump attacked them, the left decided that worrying about MS-13 was a greater threat to our values than the gang itself. Anyone who criticized MS-13 was denounced as racist, if not a tool of Putin.



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Let me rephrase that:

Dems love power and money, and the American people are merely a means to that end.

Yes, these attacks on Trump are somewhat unprecedented in their vehemence and hysteria, but I remember the Bush years well. None of this is new; the Dems have been calling for the death of their political opponents ever since I can remember. The media have been covering up for Democrats and rousing the rabble against Republicans my whole entire life.

Republicans are saps. They go, "We want to reach across the aisle and work with you." Dems go, "We want you dead." A quick trip to Twitter to read the comments after any post by Trump or his family or someone in his administration will confirm that. They like to pretend that Republicans behaved the same way with Obama, but that is demonstrably not true. I pull up tweets and video of Adam Schiff, or Chuckie, or Nancy; they pull up something from some crank in Peoria, IL.

And Tucker is wrong about the Dems embracing MS-13. It's not simply to oppose Trump; it's because they (MS-13) contribute to the destabilization of the US, which increases the reliance on the federal government, which gives the politicians more power and control.


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To borrow from the late, great Israeli prime minister, Golda Meir, "We will only have peace with [the leftists] when they love their country more than they hate us."