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Okay, is anybody watching the new Fox show Deptuty? The wife and I find the premise is interesting, and Stephen Dorff is a good actor. Plus, we're not really watching anything at 9:00pm on Thursday night anyway.


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We watched the premier - and my wife said she liked it but has since signed off on it. I wasn't particularly excited about the fact that he was AGAINST the idea of rounding up illegals - pretty much for any reason. My wife was sympathetic to that position, but just mentioned a group termed dreamers - people here illegally through no fault of their own. It's my understanding that most of the time when cops are called to get illegals, it's usually people who have unsurprisingly skipped out on their court date and are therefore required to be deported.

Other than that, I do like a no holds barred down to earth sheriff who's been a tough cop that sometimes breaks the rules.

We'll see. Right now, the networks are becoming flooded with "new guy at the top who's unlike everyone else".