Dick’s Sporting Goods ...getting rid of hunting supplies .....


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Haven't darkened their door since the firearms debacle. There is one less than 3 miles from my house but I refuse to shop there. I know it doesn't make a rats a$$ to them but it makes me feel better. As stated above, I can usually buy the same stuff online with free delivery in 2 days for less money.


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Dick's is overpriced and now they'll have to be even more overpriced to make up for the loss of sales of categories they've decided to no longer sell.

I'll bet Cabela's is throwing a party.


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Yep, I was sprta okay with them deciding not to sell a certain type of weapon, personal choice and all. But once they spent money on lobbyists to restrict MY choice, they were done.


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They're on their way out.

The leftist millennials wont' keep them in business.