DicKtionary - A is for Air Force - Curtis LeMay


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Sure he sounds like a d*ck.
On the other hand... He took care of his own, and I would rather be one of his subordinates than the target of his actions.
As somebody said "Sure he's a bastard -- but he's OUR bastard".


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Sure he sounds like a d*ck.

I guess I am a dick as well ....... some factions around the globe do not understand anything but RAW NAKED POWER ... I'd be happy with depopulating several middle eastern countries to lesson the threat ... show these bastards what real terror is


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I was speaking with a customer at Lowe's one day, about 10 years ago. Gent was a retired Army Colonel.
He was in the (expletive for manure) in WW2, Korea and Vietnam, retired after 46 years in harness.

Spent his last 5 years of his career at the Pentagon in contingency planning.

Got to talking about Islamist terrorists and their support base among Islamic folks, figured the fanatics were about 10% and supporters were perhaps 20% of the world's Muslims.

His opinion, would have to kill 30% or more of these two populations to break their will to fight.
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