Did Ferry Landing road used to have a ferry on it?


All tolls collected by Md. Transportation Authority, which oversees all toll collection, goes into SHA general fund. You still have maintenance to do on buildings and grounds. That could be turned over to SHA and should be. But then that would leave a lot of Directors and Supervisors without a gravy job.
The tolls used to be only spent on the facilities that was controlled by Md. Trans. Auth. Hell they don't even do much maint. on the bridges, they just contract an inspection every year, then contract most of the work that is needed. They collect tolls and mow and empty trash. The rest could be done by SHA.


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There is an old warehouse building in the woods at the end of Ferry Landing Road. There is some old equipment, a car, and a trailer in the woods rotting. Best to be seen during winter, as ticks are very heavy down there.
Yea, I stumbled upon that thing last time I was there. Very cool.


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It is physically in Hollywood, the address is in the California zip code and it is listed in the FAA records under Leonardtown,MD.
Next to Wildewood basically.
I know exactly where it is, I live very nearby. I have never heard of it as referred to as Leonardtown airport.


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It was a good landing, everyone walked away. It was not a great one though, because they could not use the plane again.
A comparatively minor detail. Kudos to the pilot, who knew how to handle the aircraft well enough to make a controlled landing under the circumstances. If I recall correctly, the aircraft was set down very well indeed. The crash was caused by terrain and cornstalks ( :lol:).


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I know exactly where it is, I live very nearby. I have never heard of it as referred to as Leonardtown airport.
Well, that is how the FAA refers to it:

08589.*A AIRPORT '2W6 8/22/2013 AEA DCA MD MARYLAND ST MARYS MD LEONARDTOWN ST. MARY'S COUNTY RGNL PU PU THE COMMISSIONERS OF ST. MARYS CO. P.O. BOX 653, 41770 BALDRIDGE STREET LEONARDTOWN, MD 20650 301-475-4200 GEORGE A. ERICHSEN 44200 AIRPORT RD. CALIFORNIA, MD 20619 301-863-8400 38-18-55.3000N 137935.3000N 076-33-00.4000W 275580.4000W E 142 S 10W 1995 WASHINGTON 4 NE 200 ZDC ZCW WASHINGTON N DCA LEESBURG 1-800-WX-BRIEF DCA Y 12/1/1969 O NGY NO OBJECTION N N N Y S S 4042013 100LLA MAJOR MAJOR NONE NONE SEE RMK N 123 123 Y CG N 154 10 2 5 4 0 25 22633 15090 254 3/4/2013 NGS 00:00.0 NGS 00:00.0 TIE AFRT,AMB,CHTR,INSTR,RNTL,SALES Y-L