Did Something Really Stupid


Just sneakin' around....
Locked my keys in the truck. Spare set is in there too, don't ask.

Any recommendations on an unlock service?


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Nevermind.... crisis averted.

Left the window open just wide enough to use my $13 Harbor Freight wire fish to snag the keys.


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I only have 1 set of keys to my van. I have had to call AAA once to open the locked door. I still don't know what I did to lock the keys inside, :doh:


Just sneakin' around....
I did it because I didn't stick with my norm. I only lock the door by using the key fob in my hand. That pretty much guarantees I won't lock them in. But I thought the keys were in the house, didn't want to walk back inside, so I hit the door button and closed it, only to find out 10 minutes later .....

And I also discovered a software change. I did this once before in my 2000 GMC while on travel. Again, the window was cracked so I was able to sneak a rod thru and hit the door unlock. Didn't work this time. GM must have gotten smarter; on my 2014 you can LOCK the door by using a rod to push the door button, but the UNLOCK and window up/down are disabled if there is no one sitting in the seat.


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I was gonna suggest you fish the spare key out of its little magnetic storage box hidden away. Like I do.



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I am the carrier of my wife's spare key - and she has mine. It doesn't always work great - when she is out of town with the car, I really can't help her.

But most of the time, it works.