Directv HD Extra Pack Free preview


Directv HD Extra Pack Free preview May 21-27:

560, Hallmark HD
561, HD Net Movies
562, MGM HD
563, Sony Movie Channel HD
564, Universal HD
565, Smithsonian HD
566, Crime and Investigation HD
567, Palladia HD
568, Shorts HD


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I’m about to cancel DTV because of the really intrusive advertisements that appear on the screen saver every time I pause a show for a few minutes - not to mention prices 30% higher than Dish.


Since the Deathstar (AT&T) took over it's been getting bad--the new receiver GUI interface that was released well over a year too early (and still has glitches); the paused screen ads; ads in the guide--I could go on. I would suggest that if you are serious about getting Dish that you go to someone's house that has Dish and see if you're OK with the picture quality (it's not as good as Directv). If you can live with the picture quality it would be worth the savings (at least for the 2 years locked in price that Dish is now offering).

The Dish Hopper seems to be light years ahead of the Directv Genie. Directv is supposed to be coming out with a box that requires NO dish at all and hooks directly to the internet. I'm not holding my breath that it will work properly when it's released (with AT&T's poor track record).


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Since the Deathstar (AT&T) took over it's been getting bad--
:mad::mad::mad: Bad? Mild compared to my feelings. Just had to pay my bill for their lack of service.

Then again, price wise they are competitive with ABB, you low end package is real basic and filled with garbage channels = shopping and infomercials. Tech support is pretty much on par now - no existent. Deathstar Inc. shifted PPV / On-Demand from satellite so requiring high speed internet access. The ONLY reason to stay with DTV is two sports packages that are not available on any other service (well one is not available), Not sure about the NFL.

AT&T priority is to compete with COMCAST and Verizon. So if you think ABB's websites is confusing and hard to use, try DTV now that AT&T took over. They want you to switch to AT&T cellular services.