Dirty Little Secret: Unemployment in CA Is High Because of Vaccine Mandates and AB5


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In a glowing story in the Los Angeles Times, a small arts company in Boyle Heights has come back to life with in-person classes and workshops, after the pandemic forced it to close its doors and go online. However, the owner of the arts company makes this huge admission that, as usual, the L.A. Times fails to explore.

The bill’s requirements have put extra stress on small, nonprofit theaters, where performers and those behind the scenes typically volunteer their time in exchange for experience, exposure and, on occasion, a small stipend. Emmanuel Deleage, executive director at Casa 0101, says the new law could generate permanent closures, no matter how well-intentioned.
“There’s been a good amount of relief money out there, and we’ve been able to access that. So we’ll get through the pandemic,” he says. “AB 5 is another story.”
L.A. Times ends the telling there, without a mention that this company is only one of a million small businesses in California that this law has decimated.

Businesses that used to offer quality employment for skilled professionals and artists are hamstrung thanks to this law. Skilled professionals, like the ones above, who need or desire to work remotely are also blocked. Yet, two local media outlets refuse to even bring this up as a factor in the high unemployment. It’s a horrible disconnect, and shows that Newsom’s “homegrown team” is still at work in assisting him in his delusional flossing about California being Number 1. California is still leading the way in career destruction.