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It's not the sour grapes - it's the idea that a peace treaty between two nations is somehow - inconsequential - while compared the the November elections.

I'm hopeful that this can continue, actually - that peace can come about. Because of the confluence of two things that can make change.
One is, many of these Arab nations are very young. Young people who already travel, interact online and Israel is the tech giant of the region.
In their minds - animosity to Israel is very counter-productive. They've grown up in a world where overtures to Palestine from Israel go rebuffed just a little too often. Time to let it go.

The other is - Iran. Iran is the enemy of these nations, and Trump has been very tough on them. It may well be that opposition to Iran may be one of the sparks that starts this. The other being - other Arab nations realizing, this doesn't help us at all, and if several Arab nations get on board, why the hell not? Let's not worry about Israel. IRAN is our problem.


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How many middle east Muslim - Jewish peace deals did the community organizer broker? This should be a front line campaign point.


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Rumor has there are more lined up to sign on
There were rumors - from casual conversation - about Morocco, Oman and Sudan. There's been some walkback on that --


Diplomats from Sudan and Oman were in attendance yesterday.
Trump has indicated "five or six" more (I assume including those three) were on deck.

Frankly, I never see the point of an Arab nation like Morocco being in a cold war with Israel. They're not a neighbor - they're about as close as LA is to New York. Their spheres of influence just - don't cross.

Turkey and Qatar are PISSED. They're not ready.

But consider - the Palestinians could sniff at EVERY effort Israel presented, because they had the whole Arab world as big brother. If they all gang up and tell them to eat their vegetables, they're going to fall in line.