Diverticulitis surgery


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Has anyone had surgery to remove diverticulitis ? My husband has diverticulitis and has been told hat he needs to have surgery o remove he affected area. He is very reluctant to go through with it after hearing about the possible side-effects and one horror story. Has anyone had a positive experience ? He would be having it done at St. Marys hospital. Any thoughts?


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No, I was lucky enough that enough morphine and time took care on mine. I understand the risks in the operation, but what are the risks of not having it? I would get a second opinion, and print the linked article out and take it with me, ask both doctors where you stand regarding the different aspects of whats in that paper. Pretty complex topic with lots of branching details.


The timing of elective surgery for diverticular disease is in a constant state of evolution. As we continue to better understand the natural history of diverticulitis, we can hopefully question surgical dogma and utilize evidence-based outcomes to do the best for our patients. With that in mind, elective resection for uncomplicated diverticulitis in young patients is no longer mandated after the second or first attack, respectively, but rather patients need to be individualized to achieve the best outcome.
I had it done Dec 2014 after years of ER visits. However, there was really only one surgeon associated with St Marys that did the procedure, and he was not going to use laparoscopic techniques, but rather regular, cut-em-open surgery. Recovery time with lapro is significantly reduced, an easier surgery. I was not willing to have a non-lapro procedure, and def not here at St Marys.

I live alone here, so recovery post-op was an issue. I have family in NorthWest Arkansas, so I made an appt with a gastro and internal surgeon down there working out of Mercy Hospital. I was duly impressed with them all, and scheduled the surgery. Due to the severe damage and condition of my colon, the procedure took a full hour longer than expected. That said, I was up and around an hour after surgery, no real discomfort at all. Liquid diet for one meal, full normal diet thereafter. By the next day, I was ready to go home (!!!) but the surgeon couldn't get to the hospital to sign the release, so I had one extra night. Got released the next day, Recovery was quick, surgeon was as impressed as I was at how fast I bounced back. Drove home from AR to MD, two weeks after the procedure. Absolutely no issues or complications of any kind, been on a normal diet ever since, no restrictions. I cannot say enough good things about the surgeon and the hospital.

I strongly urge you to seek out a surgeon with lapro surgical quals for this.


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Thank you. My husband and I met with a surgeon at the Bean building and he said it would be a lapro surgery. He must be relatively new to the area. My hubby has had several bouts with the most recent one being yesterday.