Do women get perms anymore?


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I was thinking about this looking through some pics from the 70s and 80s, where we all had those poodle perms and big hair. Does anyone still perm their hair?

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Every time I got a perm, which I think was twice maybe three times, I came out looking like Little Orphan Annie's deranged brown-haired cousin. So no. :lol:


I read recently that they are coming back, but not exactly like they were before. Less harmful chemicals and done more for volume rather than tight curls.


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Nope. Not me! :lmao: I definitely had some of those poodle curls once or twice back in the day, though.


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I remember my first perm back in MIDDLE SCHOOL, way back when they would put those heavy hot clips on the rollers. I could barely hold my head up. :lol: I was doing home perms by high school, Rave's Body Wave. I miss the fullness, but not all that time with the hairdryer :dead:


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No need, I'm naturally curly hair if I let it air dry, but I don't know that curls are back in yet... are they? lol


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I've had two perms. The first was a box perm that a gf put on for me, and we fried my hair. The second one was in the '80's, and it was awesome. I loved it. I just didn't like that I had to heat roll it every morning for the desired look. I would like to get a spiral perm, if I could find someone I trust to do it. My hair is half way down my back again, and I could pull it off, and a spiral doesn't require as much work as a regular perm. It's pretty much wash and go.


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Very occasionally my "friend" :mad: will post pics on my FB wall of us in the 80s with our big hair. She looks like an Aerosmith video, and I just look like I was electrocuted.
I think electrocution was in a Billy Idol video.