Do you remember when?


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The person who took the pic said it's on the wall of Old Towne Pub...they'll try to take a more straight on shot next time.


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I remember $2.00 was good for a pack of cigs and a 6-pack of Schlitz beer at a local drive thru window. $2.99 for a case of Black Label bottles. $1.00 pitchers of draft beer at the Crazy Horse in Georgetown on Sunday nights.


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When I was in college during the late 70's up in Vermont, the local grocery chain (Grand Union) had their own brand of beer, made by Narraganset I think, which went for 79¢ a six, 69¢ if you had the weekly coupon.
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Pennie's :lol: Food was before my time; by the time I was going to Pennie's it was a crap bar music venue and you wouldn't eat anything there even if they offered it.

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I actually do. My uncle and future aunt had their wedding reception there in 1967. We came down from Massachusetts to attend. My first memory of St. Mary's County. :lol:


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Pennie's!! Could get in "to dance only " when I was 16. :whistle:

Had my first Sloe Gin Fizzes and Tequila Sunrises there. :jet:


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Hell, I can't remember that part! :lol:

We didn't go there many times, to be honest. By the time I was 18, we'd moved on to the "better" places. :lmao:
I went there with my then husband for a wedding. I don't know if it lasted.


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I know it's just a typo, but find it odd they offer dinner from midnight until noon.
That's noon to midnight. Why, because P.M. starts at 12:01 pm. An hour is 60 minutes and you can't start counting at 0, you have to start at 1.


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Do you remember when you could go down the alley to Duke's drive up window in Leonardtown and get a mixed drink to go? I do, :D
A Tom Collins from the drive through was like a liquid Sweet Tart. Pop's city cousin and I played in a band together in the early 80s, and after band practice we'd swing through to get an 8 pack of ponies. Most of the time he'd have to front it to us until payday. Seems like we were always broke back then. I believe it was $2.50 with tax.