Doctor Larry Hogan speaks!


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ABC's Good Morning America spokesman/administrator/physician/ Korean front man, "Larry" laid out the MANDATE for Marylanders to accept and line up, alphabetical order by height to present them selves for untested, unchartered CoVid vaccines.

Whats the problem? He did buy useless test kits from his wife's family in Korea, summarily HID them so TRUMP wouldnt steal them, realized there are not compatible with any equipment in the United States of America, lost 9 MILLION Marylanders dollars. and supports BIden.

Jummi was awarded some worthless medal of honor for being a Korean! Come on Baltimorons, line up!!


If I may ...
If I may ...

Remember, and repeat, as many times as needed, these four words when confronted: - I do not consent.


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It is against my Constitutional rights to be forced to take a medication I do not want or trust.
I won't be standing in that line.


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Let the, the world's gonna end if you don't comply people be the guinea pigs. I want to see their reactions to it 1st.