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Monello and I watch a lot of them.

Me: Do you want to see what happens to lottery winners who hit it big?
Him: Heck yeah!!

Here's one we watched last night that was illuminating and infuriating:

I question the hot coffee lady because her burns don't look like coffee scald - they look like someone set her on fire, charred looking and with flesh hanging off. In the court papers the complaint stated that the coffee was heated to 170° , which sounds hot until I remembered that I heat my coffee water to 200° and can sip it right away.

Anyway, she's not that interesting. The one I got stuck on was the judge who ran afoul of tort reform thugs. Big business interests went after him, smearing him with a heavily financed ad campaign. The judge ended up winning his election anyway so they went after him in court, charging him with all kinds of fake crimes (like they did Sarah Palin) and in general destroying him both personally and financially until he finally cried Uncle.

The behind the scenes on it was enlightening. All these political ads we see, paid for by "Citizens United Against This Thing" or whatever? Those aren't really organic citizen activist groups - they're big business entities hired by multi-billion dollar corporations to brainwash us into voting the way they want us to. It was just another example of how the extremely wealthy overlords use their money and power to stomp on the little guy and install their puppets into our government.

On some level I realized this but it was interesting to see it presented plainly. Nothing happens in our world that the elite don't mastermind and control.
The real history behind NETFLIX series such as The Last Kingdom and Medici: Masters of Florence clearly show the general public truly never had a say in political powers. We always think we do because of the illusions, but the reality is money buys power and big money is always challenging big money behind the scenes. Like you have said several times this year, the global elites are so rich and powerful, they aren't even bothering to hide it anymore.


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You know, I do like the Smithsonian channel's show, "Aerial America "...its a history lesson about our States viewing each with drones or planes.

However their commentary is ooozing with left -of -center subliminal quips of our leftist Government. For instance, today's presentation was spotlighting New Hampshire.
Portsmouth, a "military industrial" facility , has been a Naval Port with SIGNIFICANT history and proud American heritage, building ships and submarines forever.
However, its nothing compared with an (ahem) "influx of immigrants during the 1990's, making Portsmouth an outstanding example" city.