Dog making recovery after being shot in head during domestic


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It's a story of survival for Sophie, a beautiful 6-year-old shepherd/lab mix that was caught in the crossfire during a domestic incident between two men in the 1500-block of Chase.

Both men died. When officers arrived on the scene they found the dog reaching out for help, despite suffering what should have been mortal wounds.

With bullet fragments in her jaw and shoulder and a left flank still puffy from all the internal bleeding, Sophie has a long road to recovery. Still, the veterinarian says she's one lucky pooch.

"I kept thinking to myself, how could someone do this to man's best friend? You know, the dog didn't do anything to anybody. It just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," Ommundson said.

Currently, Sophie has no home. If someone doesn't come forward to take adopt her out of Blue Pearl Hospital, she will be turned over to animal control. Though, there have been numerous offers to take her in.