Dogs vs. Cats


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My sister used to get the morning paper in this long plastic bag which she would empty and place on the floor.

One of her cats - EVERY MORNING - would squeeze his body into that plastic bag and claw his way out the other end.
Every morning. Not the weirdest thing I've seen a cat do, but one of them.


Beloved Misanthrope
Colorado officials remove mountain lion from underneath family's back deck

The cat was removed from a neighborhood in Boulder after a pet dog discovered it under a deck

Parks and Wildlife officers in Colorado have removed a mountain lion from a neighborhood in Boulder. A family's pet dog discovered the large cat underneath their back deck and alerted them Sunday morning.

Officers arrived on the scene and successfully tranquilized the mountain lion, according to a statement from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department. Once it was safe to do so, the officers removed the cat and transported it to a remote area in Larimer County, where it was released.