Donald Trump makes good on a promise but Dems cry ‘coverup’


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Based on what we already know, it is highly likely those revelations will prove the White House, FBI and CIA engineered the greatest scandal in American political history by unjustified spying on Trump and by trying to tip the election to Hillary Clinton.

Predictably, Dems are furious at Trump’s decision, with many on the left launching personal attacks on Barr. He’s not getting Brett Kavan-augh-level smears yet, but give them time.

Among the usual suspects, Rep. Adam Schiff called the president’s order “un-American.” That’s mighty rich, given his claims for two years that he had evidence Trump colluded with Russia. Odd that he never gave it to special counsel Robert Mueller.

But while Schiff, Rep. Jerry Nadler and others overplayed their hands and became CNN stars by tormenting Trump, they are not to blame for his decision. The distinction belongs to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.