Done with Criminal Minds


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Yeah, I know, it's been this way for a while, but last night was the topper.

Acid to the face? Well, of course it's a Mus....oh, wait, shocker, it's a misogynistic loner white guy expressing his hatred of people who have love and/or are just attractive, as found on a Manspace website. Oh, and in the aircraft, while discussing historical cases like this, they do mention that its usually done in the middle east, or southwest asia, but never mention the religion that predominately practices this.

And of course, where the opening quote is usually something from literature, this time it's a Michelle Obama quote. Jebus.
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Our problem with it is - although we like it - we CANNOT watch it with the kids in the room. Way too creepy (because this stuff really happens).


It's gone through a lot of casting changes which isn't unexpected for a show running 12 years but...

Aside from the minor cast changes, they've lost Hotch and Derek, two people who kind of made the show. Once they drop Spencer, we're done.