Don't enable the abusers


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Here's the gist of the story.
A Holt man who forced his girlfriend to stay in a hotel room naked and have sex with his friends will spend a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Russell began to show more aggression toward her and wanted to control everything she did, she said.
Russell rarely let her leave the hotel, she testified at the preliminary hearing. If he allowed her out of the room, it was only to pick up food or beer for him at a convenience store or to check on her aunt and uncle a few doors down at the hotel.
The sex became rough and non-consensual, she said. He would strangle her, causing her to lose consciousness at times.

And this is the part that is somewhat troubling:
Russell has two previous domestic violence convictions. Prosecutors called two of his ex-wives and an ex-girlfriend as witnesses, according to court documents. All three women said he repeatedly raped and strangled them.

If he rapes you, don't you call the police? Why hang around and let it happen again & again? Was it fear? Or maybe he promised that he would change and not do it again. Why wasn't he on the sex offender list? This is quite disturbing on several levels.

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