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No worries, it's always good for people to do their own research. :buddies: That also assumes you are working with fresh OA's, the one you took out had already been used.
In the long run, probably not worth the effort to save them, and just buy fresh. :yay:


Just sneakin' around....
Ok, this just got a little closer to home. Tonight's show featured a guy who is heavy into EMP protection, built EMP bunkers, etc....

Kevin Poole of Triton Metals here in Hollywood. It was filmed a while ago, maybe 2013? Have to wait for the credits to see. I'd be curious to see what he has done since then.

Filmed in 2013.
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Just sneakin' around....
:lol: I should stop watching this show,, but I'm hooked. But I have learned quite a few things, some I already knew but got educated to a new level.

If one of these folks says, "People say I'm crazy. I don't think I'm crazy.", yeah, they're not in the same reality as most of us.

You can use the flash unit a one-use camera to make an excellent personal tazer and theft prevention device.

You can make sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach) and chlorine gas from salt water.

One prepper raises his own fish in a tank. He floats a hydroponic garden in the tank, the fish waste feeds the plants (knew that). By-product of the tank is algae. The algae can be harvested to make bio-diesel fuel (knew that, but didn't think it was worth the effort. Still don't unless you have a huge tank). A by-product of the bio-diesel production is glycerin, which can be used to make soap (didn't know that).

Being on this show somehow gives the preppers access to lots of tannerite so they can blow up lots of stuff.