Double-Action .22 Revolver


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mine was a little over 400 as well.... and i did price them at different places

.... the .40 im looking at is between 600-700 :jameo:


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Look at

The Taurus Model 94 double action 9 shot in stainless, 4" barrel, adjustable sights, lifetime warranty. is a good place to look.


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Depending on size, a S/W Model 34, sometimes called the kit gun is a great little plinker!!!!

S/W Model 617's are nice as well, just more of a full size frame.

If you get a chance to actually handle a few, try dry firing them first.

Ruger SP-101 has a pretty stiff double action pull and the Taurus, in the same size frame as the SP-101 is beyond terrible!!!!!

In comparison, the kit gun in the same size has a great trigger pull in both double and single action.

Fair to say they are all pretty good in single action but if you said he was more interested in double actions.