Double standard


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I wish I though of it, but I stole if from Twitter. I :heart: Twitter on days like this. :lol: Poor Heidi, she's having a tough week and she's not even a candidate!


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Ted Cruz is the biggest freaking crybaby. The tweet and the meme aren't even that big of a deal and Ted is losing his #### completely. I really don't want this man to be president. What a dip####.

LOL, that is the same way everyone else feels about trump.


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Everyone on the radio talk shows and everyone on social media. I don't have TV anymore, but my guess would be everyone on talk TV is in on the dogpile as well. This dumbass on NPR just tried to make the case that Donald Trump has a beautiful wife because he hates women. :crazy:

So you don't think the donald has paid his wive$$$$$$$$$$$$$