Dover Fall Race pics


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My brother had a blast at his first race, even though his driver dropped out at lap 13 of 400. The picture of the picnic table IS being chauffered by a lawnmower. :roflmao: You never know what you're gonna see at a race. We met and talked to Steve Byrnes from the Speed Channel for a bit following a live feed in the morning; did the Nextel Challenge; did the usual tour-the-haulers thing to get stuff for his wife and kids; and ran out of beer by 10:45 a.m. :frown: Headed over to a bar to have a beer till the liquor store opened at noon, then to the track. Overall, we had a good time ... got there early, parked right next to the track and little traffic getting outta the area (we're back in rehoboth an hour after the checkers dropped).

Lookin' forward to Talladega next weekend! :cheers: :banana:


crabcake said:
Race was alright (not as much action as the spring race); the best part being when Kenseth parked the nose of his car on the water-filled tires at the entrance to pit road. :clap: (sorry chasey :poorbaby:)

Some pics ... :smile:
The chick in last pic....Was that tatoo real?


crabcake said:
I prefer pics of myself not be posted on the internet ... too many fruitcakes like HF. :wink:
In that the brothers wife! :banana: